House of the Desert

from 49.5€ /night Maximum Capacity:2

On the roads of Essendilene, burnt by the desert sun, the silence is deafening. A "blue man", a Tuareg, emerges from nowhere. He wears a takouba on h...

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The Condor House

from 53€ /night Maximum Capacity:3

It's an immersion on the Mayan, Inca and Aztec lands that the Condor's room will provoke in you. You will have a sudden desire for caipirinha, toucan,...

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Lotus Room

from 53€ /night Maximum Capacity:2

Spacious, clear, the lotus room has a large window overlooking the terrace of the house. Its colonial-inspired furniture takes you on horizons of Asia...

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from 59.86€ /night Maximum Capacity:5

The cottage is an apartment for 5 people, consisting of 2 bedrooms upstairs with a 140cm bed each. Each room has its bathroom with shower, sink and t...

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