There is never a dull moment in the South West Heart!

If you want mop ideas, we have plenty for you!!!

If you want to discover Gascon heritage, we will send you to Marciac, Bassoues or Tillac. Want to go further? Lectoure, La Romieu, Fourcès.

Do you want to eat well? We have around 10 restaurants within a 7 km radius!!! All are good, all source locally, all have know-how but everyone does something else! That's good, we like to vary the pleasures!!!

Do you want to discover the wine estates? So there, we have a choice: between the controlled designations of origin of Madiran, St Mont, Pacherenc du Vic Bilh and Côtes de Gascogne, there is a choice! So perhaps we will send you to visit the magnificent cellar of Chateau Montus, taste soft wines at Chateau de Perron, reds of character produced biodynamically at Domaine Capmartin, all this in Madiranais. Or perhaps we will send you to the Plaimont cooperative which will help you discover all the nuances of St Mont wines. We will surely send you to visit the Domaine de Bilé in Bassoues, an independent producer of Côtes de Gascogne for which I (Magali) work every winter pruning the vines!

You would rather take a walk, get some fresh air: then you shouldn't miss the Palmeraie du Sarthou in Aignan. A moment suspended between freshness and exoticism! Otherwise, 40 hiking trails are offered by the Marciac Cœur Sud Ouest tourist office and accessible via a QR code (so you will have them directly on your smartphone during your hike!).

But there is also the Parc aux Raptors, the leisure center of Lupiac or that of Aignan, electric bike rides (from the Cordillière!), the western village of Carchet City, Road Trips on vintage mopeds with You-en-mob, rail bike rides etc etc etc…

But but but…. there is also relaxation, letting go, meditation, contemplation, returning to nature in the Cordillera! And that's worth gold!!!!!!!